Hello hackers!

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Design for a Coffee Table

A design for a corian coffee table that is based on a Geranium Leaf.  I seem to be obsessed with leaf forms lately.  This may come to fruition as an object once I master shopbotting corian.


Reindeer Ornaments

Rather than make these and sell them, I decided to make them and give them away.  The design is over on inventables.com.


Experimental Textile Designs

In 2011-2012 there was a website that came about that offered people the ability to design and print a dress.  Unfortunately the founders didn’t have a real business model attached, but at least I got a dress made before they folded.  Here are a few designs for more dresses.  I had the spark pattern dress made.  The first image is of a fern leaf, which you then see on the subsequent dresses.


OHS Stage Design

In 2012 I designed a lasercut wall out of cardboard and foam core for the Open Hardware Summit.  It was a fun project and has been reused a few times since.


Design for an Ice Hotel Suite

This is an idea that I developed for the ice hotel suites in Sweden.  The idea was developed around the theme of a popular (in America & in Sweden) candy fish.  You can view the proposal here.