Fern Lamps

For some reason I just like potted ferns but I never wanted a living plant leaving dead leaves behind.  This is a lasercut lamp design. Its available in 3 sizes and fairly costly to produce, as the design includes about 100 pieces of lasercut plastic.  Ideally I’d like to see this design bought by a company for mass production. Meanwhile I’ve made a limited number available here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/502038096/fern-laser-cut-table-lamp-or-hanging


Reindeer Ornaments

Rather than make these and sell them, I decided to make them and give them away.  The design is over on inventables.com.


Gingermen at Inventables

So sometimes you make a charming design, and then you realize you don’t want to make 20 of them.  SOLUTION:  Let people make their own!  The original gingerman was made of 100% wool felt and sewn by hand.  After sewing up a few of these I realized I was destined for early arthritis if I made more.  So I changed the design to make these with wood.  The wooden version takes 5 minutes to sew, and folks can go download the pattern at Inventables.com.


Experimental Textile Designs

In 2011-2012 there was a website that came about that offered people the ability to design and print a dress.  Unfortunately the founders didn’t have a real business model attached, but at least I got a dress made before they folded.  Here are a few designs for more dresses.  I had the spark pattern dress made.  The first image is of a fern leaf, which you then see on the subsequent dresses.


Mangrove Lamp

This was my first lamp design using the lasercutter at NYC Resistor.  Mangrove lamp is inspired by trees that put their roots in the water, and form one of the most important ecosystems in nature.  The perfect lamp for a child’s room.


Coral Tree

This is a little tree made in the style of tree coral one sees in the ocean.  I made it as an earring holder and it contains holes in the branches for pierced earrings.